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How it works

All of our Mastectomy Bras, Mastectomy Camisoles, Mastectomy Tops,
Mastectomy Swim Tops and Mastectomy Breast Forms are designed
to offer comfort for sensitive areas due to breast surgery, reconstruction and radiation. 

 All of our Bras and Tops with STEP-IN EASE can be easily pulled down to the waist and up, for radiation and other treatments. 

The Breast Forms and Garments are sold separately so you may choose your own size form. 
1. Choose a garment. 
2. Choose a breast form, if needed. 
3. Insert breast form into garment side opening and pull through the loop or center opening. 
4. Garments may be worn with or without forms. 

5. These garments are not intended to be worn with your own prosthesis as they will not offer the usual support. 

1. Forms can be machine washed and dried on regular or gentle cycle, as needed.
2. We recommend machine washing/drying the garments inside out. 
3. You may leave the forms in or take them out of the garments during wash/dry cycle. 
4. We recommend machine drying the garments to regain their shape as needed or hang dry, if you like.

Check out our Post Mastectomy Clothing Shop

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